tondy67 ▫ Feb 09, 2021, 12:08 PM

trump I want to write a few words about the coming Chinese New Year, a very important one, I want to write a few words about one of my teachers Master Miyamoto Musashi but alas I do not have time.
Instead, I must fulfill my public duty and express my opinion on the rigged US election if anyone cares at all. What to do, Noblesse oblige. So now I have to do something that is extremely unpleasant to me, namely to mention that dead thing. It is a public secret that I never, I never ever on any occasion visit a cemetery!
I think that dead thing has been dead for at least a month before the election. I don't know what we're seeing now, maybe some Hollywood circus with a printer on the left signing blank sheets. The situation in the United States at the moment is not very clear. The United States seems to have two presidents.One picked by Satan and one chosen by the People.
I share many of Mr. Obama's views and I was a big fan of him until before his first Democratic bombs fell close to me. Believe it or not, it is not a pleasant experience.
That is why it is very important to note that the only 4 years of the entire 245-year history of the United States during which the United Satanists of America did not wage war and did not kill innocent women and children were under President Trump. Obviously a great sin in the eyes of Satan, so I will not say it publicly how obvious it is who is the middleman between Satan and that dead thing
Anyway, if you see a middleman in something, you see Satan! If the people had faith, the church would not exist! The very idea that God needs a middleman, ie. the church is blasphemous.

Here are some of the progressive things President Trump has done:
1. He worked pro-bono and donated his salary to charity and he fulfilled all his election promises, setting a record in the book of Guinness as the only politician in all of the human history to do so. As far as I remember, Mr. Obama fulfilled only one of his promises, namely to gift a poodle to his daughter.
2. Keep the peace in the world and in the USA itself for four years !!!
3. Fill the pockets of the American workers with money, something they had not seen since 1970.
4. Drastically reduce drug and child trafficking through the Mexican Wall.
5. Increase the well-being of black people, women and families with children with disabilities
6. Establish peace in the Middle East
7. Redirect money in financing ocean cleaning
8. Establish feedback with the people via Twitter, which bypasses Satan
9. Unzombing the American people
10.... and much more
Of course he did these things with the help of his son-in-law and Ivanka, who obviously has mastered the rule that one real dollar is much more than a million promises.
In short, President Trump has shown live to the world what a true Democrat is in action that makes the fake leftists meaningless, which is why they hate him from the bottom of their hearts and so they want to remove him from the history.

President Trump is working hard, working well, working fantastically, we have all seen the multimillion-dollar rallies and the signs with his name in front of people's homes and offices on the streets of America. Although there was no need, his opponent had zero chance of being elected to any public service. Obviously why. Logically, the election result should have been an 80% victory for Trump. In my opinion, President Trump currently has about 200 million supporters. However, Satan brazenly and demonstratively falsified the election and stole his well-deserved victory and installed that dead thing in the "oval office". At the same time, with minimal expense and effort, controlling only a handful of corrupt judges and governors in the swing states, elevating the United States to the status of the world's highest-tech banana republic. "You see right, here we have recounted the rigged ballots three times and three times the result of the rigged election shows that you have lost. And if you claim that the rigged election were rigged you want to overrun the election result." The voting itself by mail has nothing to comment on. It is designed to falsify election. Which do you choose - to send you $10k in cash by mail or by bank transfer?! Or by changing the rules at the last second by illegitimate actors. For example, if you have ever used a public toilet in Detroit, you have the right to vote in the US election. Logically, that dead thing "won" a 120% victory in Detroit. That fat Korean boy can only dream of such a result. Etc.

In short, Satan has created a perfect electoral system through which to reproduce himself, i.e. The Satanist party should always win so that it never loses power. Which in itself makes the election, the parties and the whole theater meaningless.
More than 100 affidavits on rigged election were presented to the court. Out of sheer curiosity, at least one judge had to order an investigation. However, no, apparently Satan is holding them tightly by the balls. But without a legitimate court there is no business, without business there is no life, without life there is no future! Write it on the mirror yourself.
President Trump, with the support of the American people, certainly had a second presidency term. However, when the behavior of certain and seemingly certain personalities and events changes abruptly and unexpectedly, you see the hand of Satan.

It is now said that President Trump was the System error. Very funny! The system never makes a mistake.
Of course, I'm also looking at the scenario that President Trump is a puppet of Satan. There are enough indications that he is a provocative agent. An age-old method developed by Satan to "fight" against himself. Many Satanists got rich from it. You know, team A writes the anti-virus software and team B writes the viruses and everyone is happy except the users. In the case of Trump - "well guys, you see that the swamp has no bottom and can not be dried, go home peacefully, that was it." But whether or not that matters doesn't matter because the fact is that President Trump has highlighted the Satanic Party, which you mistakenly see as Republicans and Democrats. They are all just the two faces of Satan!

People themselves held a rally in front of the Necropolis at the time of the "legalization" of this crime, rigged election just to show their love for President Trump and to protest against this gang of parasites who settled illegally there. Peacefully, without violence and without guns. They went there to have fun, I personally really liked the Sitting Bull. And what did Satan do?! He killed a dozen people just like flies. To prove he can. Because it was not a rally, but a riot. Ie change the meaning of this event. If you see a replacement somewhere you see Satan!

Now the question remains how this banana republic was the "leader" of the "free world" for so long. I hope President Trump responds. Because he's the only person out of 1 billion Americans I trust ...