tondy67 ▫ Feb 23, 2021, 04:19 PM

tm I saw Jack the Tweet and Boris the City demonstrate their magnificent clairvoyant abilities calling the acting US president who could crush them like a fly - the former.
No problem. Although the United States is an English colony, it is actually Chinese property accordingly, dogs must bark. In case you call this circus election and this show result.
Now I see the satanic media calling Trump a former president. And there is no problem in that. They are doing their satanic work.
But I wonder why the few progressive, pro-life and still independent media also called President Trump a former?!
It's a simple satanic trick, but it works.
For example, I say, "I want Trump to end his presidency alive", however, the satanic media quoted me as "Mr.Tondy hopes Trump will finish the presidency not dead"
Do you see the difference?!
So, there is one thing called the Duck Test, which applied to President Trump looks like that:
"If it looks like a president, swims like a president, and quacks like a president, thenĀ it probably is a president "!
So Trump is not a former president, but Donald Trump IS the president of the United States.
Obviously, that dead thing can't pass this simple test.
I'm not joking.
Trump did not and will not concede. With his 200 million supporters and an obvious talent as a peacemaker, he is the coveted president of the United States around the world.
I call that dead thing, that dead thing because I have a deal with The boss of the Kingdom of the Dead, namely, not to call on the dead and he shall not call the living. Alas, we all saw that he lent to Satan enough dead to vote for the "win" of that dead thing.
The dead are very supportive of each other.
That's why I don't go to cemeteries.
I will abide by my part of the contract, but I will never do business with this Boss again.
The Japanese samurai look like Venetian merchants compared to my loyalty!
Now I'm thinking what can a powerful mafia boss blackmail ?! Because the satanic media has been convincing us for five years that the president of the United States is a piece of shit, and on their free time that he acted like a mob boss. Trump is a noble man and, unlike mobsters, does not like violence. So I think the only thing that forced him to leave the White House peacefully is a threat to the entire American people, not just Texas.
It seems that the American people are being held hostage. Why it is obvious, but how happening is very interesting.
We will see ...