tondy67 ▫ Feb 26, 2021, 12:16 PM

freedom I do not know what is happening in the United States, the situation there is very unclear, but I know what I see from the sidelines. I see a collective schizophrenia! On the one hand, an army of zombies they dance the Dance Of Death in honor of that dead thing and another a country of confused and desperate people waiting for President Trump to come on a white horse at the head of the cavalry to save them.
From what?! Satan lives in every man.
Either they hope that President Trump will form a new party or will run again for president in 2024.
So what?! He still had a party and won the election convincingly and as expected by 80%, but you saw what happened.
Why do you think 2024, if The United States are still on the political map, will something be different?!
You cannot defeat Satan by playing by his satanic rules in his satanic game. Because it is specially created by Satan to reproduce itself. Period!
Now the Supreme Court, which said nothing about the apparent falsification in the 2020 election is very interested in President Trump's tax returns. I am also interested and I have prepared a long list in which Trump is in the last 10,000th place
By the way, for the convenience of taxpayers is a good idea the Supreme Court to publish a table with the days of the week. Monday - Court, Tuesday - Brothel, Wednesday - Gestapo, etc. People like to know what they are paying for. Of course, a pricelist will also be useful. Justice for $1, justice for $2, for $5, and so on.
And while no one has died from a rigged election so far, except the poor, of course, in that obvious provocation in front of the Necropolis, people died!
A provocation that cannot happen without the knowledge and participation of Mummy the Impeacher. Any lame and blind village policeman with a one-day investigation can find enough evidence to put the Mummy for 10,000 years in the Pyramid where it belongs. Don't ask me who the Mummy is?! Everyone knows who the Mummy is. What you don't know is that the Mummy has two mouths and four buttocks.
However, according to Satan's Newspeak, this was not a provocation, but a riot. But if there was a riot now, the Necropolis would be empty and the soldiers playing their war games elsewhere. The soldiers who I never understood what they were doing there?! If they guard the Necropolis - relax - no one can escape from the Necropolis. If they protect the Necropolis, for example from taxpayers' donations to enter the IRS the soldiers will end up unpaid.
By the way, in my humble opinion, Satan's servants in the United States are no more of 10,000 people. Which multiplied by $10,000 will show you the price of the Freedom. You will learn why the French gave you the Statue of Liberty, but not the guillotine. The price of the freedom may seem too low to you, but for the poor Colombian professors it is a real fortune.
The soldiers and the generals who never realized they were no longer in vogue. Because Satan has found a replacement for his favorite business - the war. Now the pandemics are modern. They are created and controlled much faster and easier. If you see something where the costs are public, but the profit is private, you see Satan! And if you happen to be blind, the satanic media is so good at letting you know timely on Satan's plans for the future pandemics. But predictions can make some poor African shaman from his hut, but when it makes one of the richest man on the planet, who with his wealth can create deadly pandemics every day this is not a prediction! This is a direct threat to the human race.
We will see...