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covid19 This covid19 thing is a hoax! We urgently need a new Nuremberg trial. I said it a year and a half ago, now again I say it and I will always say it. Just because it's a hoax.
The scientists say the virus come from the wild, but they actually say nothing because we all come from the wild.
It doesn't matter who the creator of the virus is - God, Satan or Anti-Satan. It is more important to focus our attention on the effect of it.
So let's start with the Duck Test for this virus. Do you remember it?!
1. If something looks like a duck - well no, after a year and a half of thorough research there is no evidence from an independent and reliable source that the virus exists at all. The virus is not isolated and no one can point it out and say - this is the virus. The only thing that so-called scientists say, because they are not responsible for what they say, is that there is something there. And it's like saying that the world's oceans are full of water molecules.
2. If it swims like a duck - well, not that. The virus does not affect the poor, women and young people. This is a well-designed virus.
3. If it quacks like a duck - and it doesn't! So far, no one has died from the virus. People die of old age, disease, poverty, medical incompetence, bad management and poor logistics, but not from the virus. To say from what if someone has died, an autopsy should be performed and compared to his condition while he was alive. Also, to say he died of the virus, you have to to know if the virus even exists, how it spreads and how exactly it kills. Alas, a year and a half after the "appearance" of the virus, no one knows anything about these three things.
These are the facts. That's why I say there is no vaccine against the virus, because you can't invent a vaccine against a pandemic that does not exist. Despite numerous threats from Satan I say here and now that you can only vaccinate me personally if I'm dead! This morning I had an erection and I was going to go to the hospital to be cured, but I don't want to get out as one of those "coronavirus died" people
4. Therefore, this is not a pandemic, but something completely different.
To understand what this is about, let's look at the facts!
The fact is that every year in the world about 8 million people die from one "disease" called hunger. There is a very simple cure for this disease is called food. But you will not hear anything about it from the satanic media because this "disease" is not contagious. Really?!
The fact is that Satan has doubled his wealth without moving a finger. Because Satan lockdown the people, but did not lockdown the money. The rents, mortgages, debts, etc. they continued to pile up. And this forced bankruptcy will obviously kill many more people than the any deadliest virus.
The fact is that the so-called governments on behalf of the people have committed genocide on these same people. Satan loves to force the people to pay for their own hanging. It even already has a name - democide!
The fact is that millions of parasites around the world - doctors, politicians, police, military, judges, etc. a year and a half receive wages for do nothing. Not only did they do nothing about the virus, and they're even proud to do nothing.
Satan loves to hide among good people, behind good causes and inside good states. If you see a state within a state, you see Satan! You see a tumor.
We all saw Jeff the Pulp hide behind a brand new, freshly bought one from the CEO store. Something like a saint wrapped in cellophane with a blue ribbon
With this simple trick, namely "no collective guilt" the parasites parasitize the humanity. However, once there is "collective benefit and enrichment" there is also and a collective guilt.
During the lockdown, with closed institutions and not working administration millions of parasites received salaries while the people who actually generate this money dying alone.
I now read opinions that the governments, the media, the WHO and well-known actors succumbed to mass psychosis , in short, that they are not guilty, but simply confused. Nothing like this, the "pandemic" is an obvious conspiracy executed step by step in the time and space.
Where are the "opponents" of the "pandemic"? The opponents of idiotic lockdowns, police terror, and pointless masks? They are gone! They are gone because Satan has silenced them with unprecedented censorship since Goebbels' age. But why should something be censored if there is no plan, if it is not a conspiracy?!
And if by chance you are a key figure, for example, Minister of Economy and you don't agree with Satan's plan, Satan just will "suicide" you. Satan has a long list of methods for "persuading" the disobedient. From "suicide", through "car accident" to unheard of and unseen by no one "heart attack".
Who is interested in the topic, pay attention to what is happening to the people they had the misfortune to stick their noses in the business of a very famous American family which I never mention. You are about to practice your zen skills because it is not always obvious who is the man and who is the woman in a couple.
By the way, I remember the flu "Wuhan 95"! Do you remember it?! What is so special about Wuhan?! Well, Wuhan's special thing is that it is the central nerve node of China. By blocking Wuhan, you are blocking all of China! I am sure that many of those in power in Wuhan are already in heaven discussing with Karl Marx how harmful it is to health to be a puppet of Satan like him.
Believe it or not, the only cure against the covid19 virus is a strong immune system! It is obtained from good food, clean air and water, the sunlight and a stress-free life. All of these things are almost free, but there is no commission for Satan.
The masks can protect you from the virus as much as the Mexican wall can protect you from the Mexican mosquitoes. The purpose of the masks is quite another and is well described in a very famous experiment with "prisoners" and "supervisors."
A friend of mine, a doctor arguing that the masks were the cause for no flu this year. The reason there is no flu is because Satan renamed it covid19. Ha ha ha.
Logically, the Russian vaccine is a derivative of the flu vaccines, but what exactly are non-Russian vaccines?! Non-Russian "vaccines" are a genetic modification tool that for sure will kill you, if not you, then your children! Why? Because if the people had faith The church would not exist. Satan despises God and so despises the people because they are a fractal of God. God's creation is perfect!
You have to be a real Satanist to come up with the idiotic idea at all, that you can fix something created by God.
So-called leaders are committing a crime against the humanity promoting this weapon as a "vaccine"!
The good news is that the "pandemic" has drawn a thick red line between the pro-life people and the vampires and determine the spread of Satan. However, if you want to cut a tumor, you need to know where it is, right?!
When you see that someone is not breathing, you do not think that he is dancing flamenco. Then why since the right to free movement is a fundamental right in the European Union do you think it exists? And how something does not exist will oblige me against my will and desire to have a vaccine passport. God has given me legs to move from point A to point B and if I do I needed a vaccine passport. God would give it to me too.
I need a European passport. And if the European Union existed, I would have it. How can I prove to a Chinese that I am not Chinese since I do not have a passport?!
By the way, a six-month lockdown for a three-year-old is almost his whole life. This generation of children will grow up crippled for life. And yet they will be better than all these children born without fathers because of this same lockdown. But even these children will be better than those children who will not be born at all if Satan obliges us to "vaccinate" ourselves by force. With the concentration camps for the disobedient, etc. the usual tricks from the manual.
Which brings us to one fact. President Trump repeating like a parrot "the Chinese virus, the Chinese virus" and busy with his presidential business probably he did not notice that there was no virus in China. A lots of Chinese but no viruses!
Well, why get vaccinated with something that for sure will kill me when I can just go to live in China?! That's the question, isn't it?! What is different?!
When we understand it, we will understand what the "pandemic" really is!
Well, this is a revolutionary situation, namely a situation when you want to, but you can't it...