tondy67 ▫ Apr 19, 2021, 03:38 PM

uk I look at everything, the people, corporations, countries, mankind as one big man. Because everything is a fractal of God with a greater or lesser degree of similarity. This way I see when the thing is sick or happy, tired or in flight.
So I think Russia is obviously a woman. Amazon, but still a woman. A little wild, unpredictable, but a woman. Not feminine enough, not la femme enough for my taste, but still woman. In short, Aquarius' woman.
Like it or not, this is the situation.
However, some people will never learn.
The French tried to give it to her mouth for a small French kiss, and France ended up as a republic. Then the Germans attacked it from the front with some Teutonic hack right in the her pentagram, and Germany ended up as a republic Even as two republics.
Now I see that London is about to fuck Russia in the ass, they are traditionally with a modern orientation and I do not quite understand why they expect a different result?! Not directly, of course, the British are cowards, but through their colonies - Canada, USA, Germany, Turkey, etc., but that does not change the fact. The desire more precisely.
They are preparing to attack Russia by "helping" Ukraine, or in short, the British will kill Ukrainians. Because there were many more Ukrainians and they lived about twenty times better before they started helping them. They even sent military advisers. Very funny! People who have not won a single war will advise people who have won about 400 wars, in short, almost every war they have participated in. It's kind of like "Forest Gump in the Wonderland." Apparently, the British are not busy enough with the Mamavirus, Brexit and football, and betting that they do not have a land border with Russia, they want to try their luck. For those who don't know, the football is a simple game in which 22 people kick a ball for 90 minutes and in the end the Germans win! What a sporting spirit!
The British are good at poisoning, a knife in the back, action behind-the-scenes that is good in itself because it improves the humanity's immune system, but a direct attack on Russia is not in their style at all.
There is something very strange in the whole thing.
I remember when London was a swamp and a gang of pacifist mosquitoes had a midnight feast with a randomly passing hairy gentleman. And I remember many more things about London. Some even nice. However, for one reason or another in this life I have not been able to visit London, and now it will obviously not be possible. Too bad! I will miss Lovdon.
Of course, I am watching the situation in Syria and Taiwan too, but I think the most dangerous is a hot war around the Black Sea. This can destroy the Earth. Satan, who of course has never left Europe and has no idea what he is facing. We will see...