tondy67 ▫ Apr 20, 2021, 10:12 AM

white Each beginning start with a blank sheet of paper and each end finish with a blank sheet.
You know, there's nothing more beautiful than a white sheet of paper.
Calmly placed on the table and you with a pen in hand.
You can do nothing or just watch it, but you can also draw something.
You are free. You have a choice. And here the mystery begins.
If you draw a tiger, a mouse appears at the other end.
What to do, this is how the universe works. It appears out of nowhere.
Some will say - And where is the mouse? This is because they are mice and only see the tigers.
Others will think - Wow what a delicious mouse.
This is because they are tigers and only see the mice.
The children usually even see the chase of the tiger and the mouse. It's just a game for them.
And it's all there, on a blank white sheet of paper.
Early in the morning the worker , will wrap his lunch and another will wipe the ass with that white paper
He will never know that he has destroyed an entire universe,
But for the true artist there is nothing better than a white sheet of paper.
In it he sees the beauty of the whole universe, the tiger, the mouse, the wind, the sunrise,a lonely yacht in the middle of the ocean .
And when he sees it, all he has to do is snatch it and give it to the people.
From a blank white sheet of paper.
The emptiness that contains everything.
And everything is there, even you.
Even your name.
Your real name.
Don't forget to remember it...