AbvOS is a fully decentralized loosely coupled distributed search engine and social network where the user control everything.

Abv (абв) are the first three letters in the bulgarian alphabet cyrillic

Technically speaking AbvOS is a SSE based client-server architecture where every server is a node and every client is a agent/nomad and every group of clients is a clan in the AbvOS terminology

Some key features:

  1. The user own his browsing history, bookmarks, searches, files, friends list etc on his device/s.
  2. Every message is encrypted.
  3. There is no tracking/logging system and no connection between nodes.
  4. Nobody can watch user activity except his friends
  5. The user with his clan of friends can jump freely like nomads from node to node.
  6. The user can ban/delete everybody from his clan
  7. The user or node owner can advertise something if want
  8. The user may be a human or a bot
  9. The abvos node can be started even in android phone

As a side effect, this design will cut the spread of fake news around the world


Live demos

You can look at AbvOS as spiritual successor of the Inferno os and its Styx protocol

Also despite that I write it in Javascript and C for practical reasons if you are interested in programming I strongly recommend to take a look at Haxe language.
AbvOS as haxe born, "Cherchez la femme" as always and that fact will be never forgotten.
I wrote its first components, better said prototypes in haxe and they are archived here.

I also have to mention Now, Heroku, Openshift, Cloudno.de, Openode.io because thanks to their generosity I can test my baby and you to see it in action here. There is not much at the moment, be patient. More to come.

That is... :)